Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Anime full: Higurashi no Naku Koroni

Higurashi no Naku koroni was first game but then it developed to be anime and manga too. story takes place to a mountain village where happens weird murders and the culprit is always one of these friends for some reason. The whole story was solving who was murder this and that time and then finally was lead to wonder what really was behind these murders. Opposite to the fact that the village's god would be the culprit wasn't after all the one but an aliens...yea i didn't except that coming :'D The story was quite hard to follow but if you consentrate then you will be okay, and yes, don't mind the little mysterious scenes in the story they will be opened better in the next season...or atleast it's how i was told..well let's see :''D But oh, it still was really good anime!

The characters' emotions and all was made very well and they really looked crazy and horrible when loosed their control. Also way of murders and little scenes were linked to each others fun and interesting way. Even the smalest scenes like etc. one when Mio and Keiichi was talking out of his apartment at night, changed little bit in next murder scene. Using of characters in every musder was also good and they had differend postitions what was last time.

Art was quite light coloured and looked nice. The style how the charas were drawn was cute and brings to my mind "cute but horrible-style" which suited this story i think. though someone would think it looks too childish with baby-face kids and teens killing each others :'D the drawing style was cute but sometimes i thought it looked too simple like the ones drawing this anime were hurrying too much or something.

I will give extra plus for the mystic and trans-like music, opening and ending!
In the end i really liked this serie and i recomment it to others too if they like occult, horror, cute characters and black story telling with joy little bit here and there.

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