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Ranma 1/2 anime

Ranma 1/2 (Ranma zettai hen)
Ranma 1/2 revolves around a 16-year old boy named Ranma Saotome who was trained from early childhood in martial arts. As a result of an accident during a training journey, he is cursed to become a girl when splashed with cold water, but hot water will change him back into a boy.

Yappapaa yappapaa yappapaa ...uh! I mean hello! Ranma's first opening song is so tacky so that it sticks to my mind. :P

Hehhehe Ranma 1/2 series' japanese name surely descriptes the anime and manga well because of the name zettai hen = freak for sure. Name comes from the half-girl half-boy named Ranma. He hates to be girl sometimes but for some reason he gets to used to being a girl too. I wonder why's that. Maybe it was about wearing girly clothes and underwears. 
Ranma: "Hey! It's not me! You just talked about this! Old goat Happosai!"
Happosai: "Huh? I'm not stealing or liking underwears"
 Yeah yeah, what ever. And just now you are dancing with panties...Ranma go beat he to the bulb!
Happosai: "Try to catch me! Now you doesn't recognize me! I'm P-chan!"

Ryoga: "The hell you are! P-chan doesn't look like that! And top of that I transform to be P-cha-!"
Akane:"Ryoga! Are you P-chan?! Then you have been sleeping in my bed...Have you been TOUCHING me too then!!?"

Ryoga: "Uh! A-Akane! No no! I'm not!"
Kuno: "Yes! YES! Ryoga is a pig! But don't be bothered Akane! I will be your man!"

Akane: In your dreams!
Genma and Soun: "Then you will be willing to marry Ranma as we planned!"

*Ranma and Akane throws water to Akane and Ranma's dads while their faces looks red. Genma turns to be a panda and looks like innocent*
 Ranma: "Who would like to marry that tomboy?!"
Akane: "Grrrr! Hmph! Then I will marry Gosunkugi!"
Gosunkugi: "Eh? Me? Oh the happiness. I shall curse Ranma so he won't interrupt our happiness. How I have been waiting this day."
Kodachi:"Ooohohohohooo! Then Ranma darling will be mine!"
Ranma and Akane: "We won't marry anybody from Kunos family! "
Kuno's: "HMPH! How rude!" *Mafiapikachupeeksfromthecornerandlooksangrilytomebecauseihavebeenusingotherpeoles

Oh yea! I forgot to introduce the ninya star of the serie from Kuno family! I have been heard about the ninja called Sasuke. Ooh I have heard he looks handsome! Come here sweet boy!

Sasuke: "Oh..Anybody hasn't ever called me handsome...."
WUT!? Is this the one I have been told about? Wait! I have been fooled! Damn!
Other-some-not-so-known-Sasuke: "I don't look like that pussy!"
Yeah, yeah. Be gone you angst emo boy.

Ukyo: "Don't count me from this marrying problem! I'm Ranma's fiancee too! And so I'm going to marry Ran-chan!"

Shampoo:"Nihao! Ranma is mine! You may be his fiancee too but my country's law orders me to marry him!"
Kodachi: "But Ramna darling is mine!"
Akane, Ukyo and Shampoo: "Get out aready! You doesn't have any hard things in this conversation!"
Kodachi: "How dare you all! Sasuke throw them to the lake!" *Sasuke does as ordered and Shampoo transforms to be a cat. Shampoo cat hops toward to Ranma while being wet (mentally as physically...kehkeh)
Monster cat Fu: "Then I will be taking her!"
Cat Shampoo:"No I don't want you!" *Shampoo throws cat to the lake and so goes Ranma there too. Ranma transforms to a girl*
Kuno: "Oh! Pigtailed girl! I shall marry you if not Akane!" *hugs girl ranma and gets kicked to the stars*
Shampoo:"You are the one I need to kill! You girl, who is taking my Ranma!"
 Mousse:"Good! Do that and I will live with you happily with you, my Shampoo!"
Shampoo: "Go to the lake!" *kicks Mousse to lake where he turns to a duck*

*All the girls turns to Ranma and asks who he is going to marry*
Ranma:"I'm not marrying with anybody! uh...I mean...eh..."
All the other boys: "Ranma is so lucky with having so many women!"
Ranma: "You fools...I'm not liking I'm going to get killed....."

Strangled with love I guess. *walks away from wilderness of crazy anime and loses bet with Nabiki about Ranma get killed. Yeah there were almost all the characters and well they aren't less crazier than what you saw right now so I'm giving crazines point for ultra crazy charas! This is for all who wants very long serie with hilarious crazines. Plot and charas are top of this serie but the animation isn't so well done. *looks to the publishing year* Oh yeah, it's done 1989 heh...so I guess that's the reason but the animation still gradually gets better toward the end.
Quite a harem that Ranma has, eh? Hmm which one would be better for Ranma being as a girl or boy? Hmm let's count:

Ranma girl's enemies/lovers=death:
  • Shampoo *kill*
  • Nodoka (Ranma's mom) *kill*
  • Kodachi *kill*
  • Happosai *wants to do dirty things*
  • Principal *kill*
  • Kuno *marry*
Ranma boy's enemies/lovers=death:
  • Ryoga *kill*
  • Genma (Ranma's dad) *kill*
  • Shampoo *marry*
  • Akane *marry* (but doesn't tell so)
  • Kuno *kill*
  • Ukyo *marry*
  • Kodachi *marry*
  • Mousse *kill*
  • Happosai *kill*
  • Gosunkugi *kill*
  • Principal *kill*
Has everyone voted now? Yes? Okkay lemme see! ..... :''''''D Poor Ranma ....well I guess you hawta stay as a girl instead... so that was the reason why you grow like to being girl.....

One crazy point! And so long! *goes to play drinking game with this serie when somebody wants marry or kill Ranma------> drink* 

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