Sunday, 3 July 2011

Manga: D. Gray-man volume 1

Chao! My friend recomment this manga and i finally read it ;D I had hear about this manga but didn't got change to read it so now i can finally say i have read it and actually i'm reading in volume 3 now. This review is about volume one thought.

Katsura Hoshino
Artist: Katsura Hoshino

D.Gray-Man is set in fictional 19th century Victorian-like England. This blend of horror and action follows the journey of Allen Walker, a 15 year old boy with a cursed eye and a powerful anti-akuma weapon embedded into his left arm. The Akumas are created by a demonic figure known as Millennium Earl, who uses them in his bid to create despair and destroy mankind.

The manga is very shonen like as much as it seems like when i first looked it. Also the art it very shonen like, quite detailed and still simple ;D

Story is very basic shonen and it can be taken as good or bad depending who is reading. To me the story is quite good to read if it doesn't have the basic scheme in every book which changes little bit every time in next volume. I need to say in the first volume story seemed to be like this kind of story which moves in its same frames but after reading volume 2 i figured out it won't be like that. That's very good relief for me 'cause i don't like so much stories which are like that ( if you even did understand what i meant :'D ).

Characters seems good but the main character didn't give me the wanted "Oh he seems very interesting" but the enemy who is a comic-relief-like troll jumping around wearing funny clothes. :'D yeah believe me the enemy can't be taken seriously..or atleast i couldn't :''D

So anyway D. Gray-man seems to be manga what i will read more but i guess it won't be my ultimate favorite just little bit above "good-thing-for-killing-time". Mostly i recommend it for those who like shonen and want's easy manga to read and amusement. For people who have seen so many basic shonen i'm not sure will this be the best choise but i guess it won't still be bad choise to read.

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