Sunday, 12 June 2011

Bakuman manga


I just read Bakuman manga's first book. Well i have read it before but this time i saw it in bookstore and wanted to buy it and comment. Story is written by Tsugumi Ohba and art by Takeshi Obata so only this promises good story and art. Death note is maybe their most famous work and i think Bakuman isn't worse.
Story tells about two students who wants to be a mangaka and so basically story is about their life as creators. Yea i know that may sounds like pretty boring when you think about mangaka's life behind desk but actually it's not boring.
Story has many twists even in book one and i can tell you it gets even better when you read it more. Actually it also gives many things to interest like: know about how manga is made and published, drama and love. One thing that pops out from "ordinary" is how minimalist the story, art and ideas are. Art is very realistically drawn and from every backround to little pen are very well drawn as in real life. This minimalistic perfection doesn't end to art it also is in the story. Every idea and thing about manga is realistic and really excisting in real life too like the publisher Jump. Bakuman also refers to very much real life manga and criticises and comments about those and how manga is created from a start to finishing. This serie also gives useful information about creation like comment about how swords are very liked in these days in Jump.
For those who doesn't like so much discover world of manga they can consentrate to original type of love beatween characters.
If i need to say anything bad about this manga i would say Ohba and Obata's mangas has always very much text and dialogue so it's sometimes hard to read. Also for those who doesn't want to read story about creation this may be little boring and hard to understand eventhough the art makes it more faster and interesting that you could imagine when you read what the story is about.
I really recoment this serie cladly! :D

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