Thursday, 2 October 2014

Baby, Please Kill Me! Anime

Kill Me Baby is the touching story of Yasuna, a normal high school girl, and Sonya, her best friend who happens to be an assassin. Unfortunately, little Sonya's trained assassin instincts often work against her and others in her daily high school life, as Yasuna's often-broken wrist can attest to. She just wanted a hug, but she ended up with a broken neck. Isn't it sad? No, it's hilarious. Not even Yasuna's intense ninja training can prepare her for the exciting adventures in this explosive 4-panel manga adaptation.

Kill me, eh? Yeah, can be arrange right away! >:D Just stay there and- Uh! You people are here already? Oh yeah it's the time to talk about anime. Ummnnn... what it was this time? Oh yeah, Baby, Please Kill Me. 
*starts the anime* O______O Gosh! I feel like my head just exploded! What the hell is this opening song? Kill me baby, they say all the time! Ugh! It gets to my mind! Noo! It's gong to brainwash me! Lallalallal kill me babyyy! Kill mee babyyy! (O3O) *sings the opening song and jumps like crazy in the house*

Ouch!!!!!!! The hell... *looks around with confuse* Whatta what is this thing drooling from my head- AAARGH! It's my brains! I was nearly get brainwashed and killed with the ajar singing! *scoups the brains back to head*
When I started to watch this series I was really interested about the idea of girl who is assasin and attacks accidentally. 
Yasuna: "Hahahahha that's not even possible in the real life that someone would attack accidentally before he/she notices it!"
Sonya: "Then why you always get crushed by me?"
 Yasuna: "Erm..I dunno... Maybe you think I'm a fly"
Sonya: ... (=_=)

Yeah! That's right! Don't talk about things that you doesn't understand! Don't mind her Sonya! I believe you...actually I'm in the same boat as you are. ERM! I mean I'm not assasin but I have practiced so much varied types of martial arts so I have that reflect problem too.

*actually not lying* My friends knows that and they have fun to trying to get me attacking accidentally and then they try to dodge it :'D That's really not wise at all.... Even more dangerous if I'm holding something in my hands eg. fork. One particular example remains in my mind: I was drawing in my room and my friend came to my family's house and in my room without me realizing it and then placed her hands to my shoulders suddenly and said "Boo!" And without me realizing my right hand swinged punch to her nose (My body didn't even turn. My arm just went up and backward to her nose). When I heard loud voice from my friends mouth and felt what my hand had done I realized the situation and turned around. My friend was holding her bleeding nose. That day I apologized so many times. ....And still my friends never learns....Sigh.... Now days I can manage it little bit better I can usually stop it just in the time (5 cm before my hand or leg or what ever hits target). Yeah this problem is with half of the martial artists. 

Oh sorry! I got carried away from the subject! Ehehe.... Back to the characters. Why the hell Yasuna speaks Norway(?) in the start but still has normal japanese name. Oh! I get it! She is fake! She is trying to be special character that people wouldn't get irritated to her and to her voice! I'm not gonna buy it! Sonya would be better as Norwegian(?) because she has foreigner name, blond hair and blue eyes. Why always the foreigners are the most weirdest characters in every series!? That's racism I say!

But then, what the hell, this series is short comedy and still I feel like I want to burn down all of the characters (Okay I would spare you my dear Sonya<3<3<3<3) because I feel the comedy is so boring. Actually it feels like the anime is sometimes movin sooooooooooooooo sloooooooowwww(poke) and then rapidly like monster having rabies. The tempo of the show is somehow weird. I dunno why?

Agiri: "Actually the authors of the show were smoking weed every day."

Yeah, I can believe that and I see that you are the one who has been stuffed with weed too. You have all the examples of the drug addict:
1. Slow smooth toned tone in your voice
2. Your brain looks to work extremely slow too.
3. Looking sleepy
4. Believes she's making illusions when she only sees them
5. Makes other light brained people to get high near of her too *krhYasunakrh*

And why the heck is this person called unused character?

Even the show itself is making fun of it's characters!!!! >:'D Unused character well yeah! She isn't in the series just randomly tries to be in the episodes. Poor poor thing!
Look how she is crying! Don't you have feelings toward her trying to be in the show?! If you are the God creator of the show then you need to take care of your every chara and don't let them to feel unused and be killed in the hearts of people because she doesn't have any existence! Look even the God himself is taking care of every human on the plan- Wait...! Forget about that. *thought about crises of the earth* Let me think about better example. ...Krhm.. You wouldn't buy a pet and then let it to die and feel lonely when you aren't caring about of it!

Sonya: "Aargh! she has found out our secrets! Hurry Yasuna do something to save our creator!"

Sonya: "No you idiot!"

Sonya: "Hehehehhehhheehehhehehehheh. I...I must do it...! You know too much about us...!"

Sonya: "Everybody must smile and only tell good things about this show OR everyone will die!!!"

Gulp! Yikes! (O_O) Okay okay! Don't hurt me! Let's see umnnn.....You are trying to be unique with your unused character and weird (but better than the actual show) opening. Runs away with fast as possible!

Sonya: "She ran away... So fast..."

Yasuna: "Don't get your anger out with me! I don't know what you should do now! Let me off!"

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