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Ladies versus butlers anime

Ladies versus butlers

Ladies vs. Butlers!, Redei x Bato
Hino Akiharu lost his parents when he was small and was adopted into his uncle’s family. When he noticed his uncle is after the inheritance of his parents, he decides to enter a boarding school, Hakureiryou high school. Akiharu is placed in the school’s new servant training department, where students are raised to be maids or butlers. However his delinquent boy-like appearance frightens the girls, who make up the majority of the students. Unable to get along with the classmates, Akiharu meets his childhood girlfriend Saikyou Tomomi and finds himself stuck in the middle of the school’s bickering cliques.
Status: Completed
Released: 2009 
First of all like you see this one is ecchi and harem anime. Like you may know these has few story and lots of random fandom. ;P It may be pleasure or not depends from you but I think it's good when it has good story in it so my interests are from that view (yes I'm woman but that isn't the reason. Let's think me as boy and girl at the same time if it helps you who believes girls can't like or watch this kind of things ;P).
Things starts very typically: normal easy-going-but-little-bit-rough-mouthed-boy comes to school where seems to be almost only girls (nothing new in this genre) and pumps to horrible haired tsundere girl....really I'm not joking her hair is riddigulous even in anime and manga standards. Look!
Okay in this picture the locks are smaller than normal in the show but gosh! They need to be very heavy. I can believe why she is extremely angry and arrogant all the time. I would be too if I had three size of my body weight and tall locks ripping my head off. :'D And the show reminds me about it every time someone says: "Hey Drill!" .....yeah....I'm not kidding her so-called-nick-name is Drill... :'D I'm not sure is it fun or not but I didn't get used to it even in the end. And the joke goes even further when she is angry the drills - uh, I mean locks spins rapidly. Like this:
I hoped the boy would accidentaly cut those off because I didn't believe they are meant to be in the whole show but there they are in the final episode too :''D Also accidentally cutting those locks off would have been more better reason for the blond tsundere to hate this normal guy than little accident when the boy touched her breasts when they falled down on the school ground.

You get it too when you see the first episode what the idea is going to be: this tsundere is going to love this random guy for some reason. But why? Well no much reasons here sorry guys. Just the reason: because this is harem ecchi! Of course everyone will love the normal guy and strip before him (again. Almost without reason even in ecchi standards). Back to the love-thing beatween these two. The show doesn't lead they much to like each others but in the middle of show comes episode where they are almost like lovebirds cuddling and for some reason loving each other and getting jealous when things doesn't go well. Actually I'm not sure what motives or reasons they may have but the boy must be veeeery stupid and slow. Why the hell he would like to love this drill thing?!
Ugh! Okay! I - I'm quiet about this krhmlove-what-everkrhm 0_0  *Runs away the drill-bee-queen......and understands only why the guy's childhood friend likes him. She only has motives and reasons for it*

Ugh...Back to work...Like I said this serie has lots of random stripping and must-be ecchi/harem schenes what are somewhat almost rule in this genre. Like these boob groppings:
However this serie gets extra points of one character girl who is in the buttler side. Believe me or not but when ever you see this girl (the long heared) you will get unnesessary stripping without reason! Even in this schene she did like earlier and stripped with no reason. The schene: Boy sits on the chair and suddenly this girls comes under the table with her sister (who has her clothes on unlike her sister). They were looking for a putton but some reason the long haired one takes it as a reason to strip out of her clothes when only her putton were off :'''D Whyyy.....?! And my face would look like the boys does and says:"THE HELL?" When the anime makers are saying: "NO! You should be like whoaaaaa babe is naked and surprises me under the table and wants me and is so stubid so raping her wouldn't be hard or illegal. Derp"

The maincharacter boy isn't the only boy in this serie but here is only 3 more boys: the classic comrider-who-acts-like-the-boys-who-watch-this-kind-of-series (just kidding or maybe....) = horny and peeking- type. One little and cute innocent boy and......ermm... show-off guy... well you get the idea when you see him "dazzling-look and attitude". I understand the role of the first two but not the third. He hasn't got even the mental meaning of  the horny guy or meaning in the story. He pops on the show few times mumbles something bat-shit-crazy and then goes. Third crazy extra point for that!!

Also I find out this anime series producer is the same company as MM!'s is and it isn't surprise and I wondered it from the start because they look very same!
Also two blond tsunderes. Yes they are now top on the fame. I dunno why but if you look animes made after year 2000 you will see many of them. So calculator! Come here!

Blond tsunderes so far:

If you didn't drown to the fandom in the serie then you won't dare to watch the extra episodes...well we know this kind of series' extra episodes are quite stripping and fandom-full but oh, fourth extra crazy point for that! They are just erotic poses and stripping. Yeah like I said ALL of it... So watch out you will drown to erotic fandom...
For conclusion one blond tsundere and 4 extra crazy points! The show was fun to watch if you doesn't look for story and want to see ecchi or crazy scenes. Nice colour and animation using, not bad and I liked some emotional scenes too. Good for spend your time if you doesn't have anything to do or have an excat thing to do......

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