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Akame ga kill anime

In a fantasy world, fighter Tatsumi sets out for the Capitol to earn money for his starving village, and finds a world of unimaginable corruption, all spreading from the depraved Prime Minister who controls the child Emperor's ear. After nearly becoming a victim of this corruption himself, Tatsumi is recruited by Night Raid, a group of assassins dedicated to eliminating the corruption plaguing the Capitol by mercilessly killing those responsible.

When I started to watch Akame ga kill I first thought this is one of the hero-comes-to-save-world stories in old world full of dragons and monsters but I was surprised with joy and interest when I saw the first episode's twisted ending. I liked very much how the blond snob lady was shown as nice person and then she was found out to be such a bad person. The pictures of showing charas' true natures were very nicely done! I liked every time I saw them.

Also the first episode's ending explained why Tatsumi's companions didn't look like main characters...well they was supposed to die in the start. I should have figured that out. :'D

About dying what happens almost in every episode, well how should I put this... It's always good way to kill main characters and that way get the watchers' interest and feelings toward the show and characters but the anime makers forget one important thing: ANYBODY WON'T GIVE A SHIT IF THEY DON'T KNOW THE CHARACTERS ALMOST AT ALL AND WON'T CRY AFTER THEM IF THEY DOESN'T FEEL LIKE IMPORTANT WHAT IS VERY CRUCIAL THING IF WE ARE TALKING ABOUT MAIN CHARACTERS!

...And watched the whole show. People is dying in this show like cropping weed! First main character dying is always the most dramatic thing because it doesn't happen so much and that is what it should have been when Night rider's Sheelen died. But we didn't get to know about her almost at all (about 1 or 2 episodes she was in and seen?) when she died. Top of that it was rubbish that she made her final attack after she was sliced to half?! Oh come on! I have high anime tolerance toward nature laws but that was as ridiculous as Death note's blasting shower of blood from one guy's body after stabbed with fucking pen (anime version)!
But I must admit I thought the green haired guy Lubbock would be the first one to die (I always thought he had the least amount of personality of them all) and still he almost survived to the end!
But it doesn't take much time to realize that almost every character is going to die one per episode. People died so quickly after we even get to know them and then the show pushed new characters to the show AND killed those too almost immediately. So I wasn't feeling anything when I saw people dying. Just thought in my mind: Hmmm... someone whose name I don't even remember died....What should I make for the dinner?

When the new "bad guys" arrived to the show and was gathered to the room with long table I was pointing to the screen and screaming that now the writers has been lazy! They have made copy versions of the "good ones". Honestly, think about it! Gay guys, quiet black haired food lover girls in school uniforms, cool sharp calm warrior captains, comic reliefs (latex suit guy and Lubbock) and bold brave goofy basic main character heroes with warm heart.

Moving away from the fact that we didn't get to know much about characters they actually had very big variety of personalities. There were some that was school book examples of generic characters like Mine who is basic looking and personalized tsundere from head to toe. But also unique and not so much seen personalities like how the "bad guys'" commander was. Actually that commander was one of my favorites. But when talked about those two I really don't know why they both fall in love with Tatsumi? Well I guess that the commander's love can be argued differently depending on people but I found it somewhat confusing. But it's better than Maine's and Tatsumis love. It came from nothing. Why? I guess it was because Mine's death would other wise be just air without any little reason with the main character without love.

Tatsumi: "Wait what!? You mean that I'm not attractive enough that I wouldn't get girls without plot?"

Nope. U are meant to be with gay guys.  -___-

Tatsumi: " you mean that we aren't just practicing without shirts because that's what true men do"

Bulat: "Seeing me as a gay."

Yes! Yes! I see yaoi here! (O3O) This will be interesting anime. *One episode or less later Bulat dies* Whyyyyy?! Bulat! Why they killed the gay guy! It's so unusual that adventure anime has gay main character.....well okay again all gays are just comic reliefs...actually it's quite sad that gay characters are non-comic characters almost only in yaoi but in other stories they are just the weird and fun guys.... just like in this anime. But I must say that this anime has quite many gay charas. Almost so many that I can hear the song: "Dru Pal's drag race! Start your engines! Dru Pal's drag race. May the best woman best woman wiiiii-in!" (Well okay I know that the Dru Pal's show is about drag queens and drags' aren't always gays) But let's start the gay show!!!!!! Welcome! Welcome! Let's see who are here today! Come here Bulat!

Bulat: "Yo!"

Oooh! Look how he has made his hair today. Looks like Elvis has found love! Sweet heart!
And next let's see our second handsome gay! Come to the runway Dr. Stylish!

Yes! Stylish indeed! Take a look how he is dancing for us in glittery world! Glamour, baby!
And to the last but not the least: Bols!

Oh my! Oh my! Who has that leather prison look! Yummy bad boy!
Now everyone has walked the runway. Let's interview them little bit. So what makes you special and worth of winning?

Some weird guy: "Hey! Here is more gays why we can't get in?"

Shut up! Shut up! You aren't fancy enough! All gays must have style! So shoo shoo! So where was we? Oh yeah! So why you should win?

Bulat:"...I should win because I know many tricks!"

Bulat:"I'm so badass that I can lick boots without getting sick!"

Bols:"I know how to cook!"

Dr. Stylish: "Hmph! Those are nothing!"

Bulat: "What did you say?!"

Dr. Stylish: "I will show you the best thing ever what I have!"

Dr. Stylish:"Behold! I have army of latex gays!"


Bols: "We can't win against that....."

Bulat:"Bhah! You aren't the only gay in anime world that have latex gay army! There's plenty of them! Nothing special about you!"

Dr. Stylish: ""

Good! Good! That's enough! And now the judges will announce the winner!
*long anxious waiting*

Aaaaand the winner iiiisss.....Bols! He is the most charming gay character! He has useful skill: cooking, has fashion, lovely personality and the only character that got the fangirl's  eyes teary when he died (though he isn't even the main chara!)

Bols: "Me? Oh thank you! Thank you!"

 Dr. Stylish:"But he isn't even gay! He has wife and kid!"

Doesn't matter he acts so gayish so it's close enough! So he is the winner!


Wait...By the way that Dr. Stylish's voice...It sound so familiar... OH MY GOD! NOT THA-!


............................Phew....pheww....phewww... He has left...Oh god............Thanks!

So in the end Akame ga kill has really interesting plot story, moral issues and characters. Also the animation style is beautiful and well made without hurrying but it still lacks some very important things. It's really pity that this could have been the next Naruto or something. So sad.....

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