Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Itsuka tenma no kuro usagi anime

A Dark Rabbit has Seven Lives, Itsu-ten, Itsuka Tenma no Kuro-Usagi, Itsuten
Description: Kurogane Taito is a freshman in Miyasaka High. After an injury that prevented him from practicing karate, which he excelled in since elementary school, he had always believed that he was an ordinary, regular guy. However, due to a forgotten promise exchanged with beautiful Vampire (Most Ancient Sorcerer) Saitohimea nine years ago, he was in fact no longer ordinary. Taito later went on to regain his memories after a certain incident, and was reunited with Saitohimea. Along with unlikely allies, Kurenai Gekkou, Miyasaka High's student council president and a genius bent on avenging his parents, and Andou Mirai, a cute lightning demon and familiar of Gekkou, they have to contend against Gekkou's twin brother, Kurenai Hinata, who sought to resurrect the powerful Vampire (Most Ancient Sorcerer) Bahlskra. Unknown to them, their destinies were already woven and foretold in an ancient prophecy of epic proportions. 

So this is quite new serie made 2011 and is complited...well doesn't look like it! The story starts very interesting and made me go like  this! Oooh! This looks great! Mmm I want to se it all, show me show me!

And what then? Almost in the start the serie crashes down! It was so promising! Why is may ask!? Why you did this? Was it because of lack of money or watchers? Beats me but story was gonna build the greatest mystery and battle in the colourful anime world and what I get? Phucking filler-like-shit episode in the end! Where was the bloody fight of evil and good, why the main character boy has prophety of dark rabbit? What the hell the rabbit even is? What is the military and church doing in this serie? Who the dark haired boy's brother is in this story? How the love-dove-fight-o will end? What the normal girl doesn in the prophety? And all other important question.... 

And what's with this chara? Looks like pikachu to me.

 "I'm not Pikachu...!"
Shut up! Look the same kind of tail! And those ear looking And the red cheecks when you aren't beaten up! And-you-make-thunderbolts. Pikachu to you!
See the similarity!
See the similarity? Oh wait it's also bit of Raichu oh my bad. (nice drawingbythewayit'snotmineanywaybacktobusinessniceasspikachuhehehe) But anyway!
*knok knok* Huh? What?
Ugh! Gulp! It's the pikachu mafia! It's going to kill me for using pikachu pics what aren't mine! Yikes gotta tell something nice.... Uh hello yello(w) fatty ugh, so poetry..I mean I didn't done anything bad. I swear!

Okay I admit it I used pikac-!  "No you girly fangirl! I meant bitch please my ass looks flawless! Now go to behind the pokecenter *Grin* Andbekilledhardlywhenmybuddybulbasaurwillwhipyourasstilltoyourdeath!"
O_O uh....Yikes! *runs away*

*pant pant* ...and were was I? Oh yeah the rabbit serie. Points for the animation and colour schema. Those was very high level styled and made with lot of time and care. Though I don't know did I like the idea of the vampire's's glittery and shines so GOWSH! Don't say it! FUCK! Now I have that no-vampire in my mind...oh great! Where is the pikachu mafia? Get me! oh, wait don't.

Anyway so promising story didn't even start with 13 episodes and the final episode was only filler switching-body-love-and-trouble-potion And guess what? They even didn't change their bodies back in the final minutes! AND the charas were from their places some bit AND they even didn't tell how they will turn back to their own bodies. I mean what filler episode is that!?
Goodnight! Hell with screwing with my hopes!

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