Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Manga: Kimi ni todoke volume 1

Manga called kimi ni todoke is very heartful and sweet story about shy and weird girl's life as outsider in her school but one day she will become friend with famous boy who becomes her friend and maybe more.
Karuho Shiina has made story where heroine isn't typical loud voiced and crazy like other mangas' charas are but scary looking and shy girl. The heroinen is very nice and sweet to watch but i didn't like so much the boy 'cause he didn't has got nothing new in the chara than others have already so that was pity but i hope it gets better in other volumes.
Art isn't bad and has sweet and light like feeling in it but sometimes gets too light and doesn't express the sad feelings so much. Also the art is quite familiar to the other type of basic manga styles in shojo which makes it look less original. I personally call this kind of drawing style as "sweet shojo style". I hope the story will get better in the next volume but i still liked to read it and it's good for reading it but i guess i still won't read it again twice.
people who likes sweet shojo stories and light-happy stories will like this but in other hand to others it could be too light and boring to stress with feelings and person's problems. This is story about friendship and sweet love.

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