Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Ranma 1/2 the movie

Ranma the movie! Finally something new from Ranma serie. It was still quite suprise that it was going to be an acted movie not anime. But I really liked it! I was worried it wouldn't be very well done and I mean the charas wouldn't look like each others at all but no! They all was very like their original anime charas!

Lemme look here:
Hey....wait a minute why the Ranma's actor looks more better in this photo than in the movie..... He looks more rounded faced here than in the movie...phuck I like this round faced Ranma more XD
Baby: "Don't wish for it!"
Okay...Okay... I guess the Ranma actor is okay in the movie too...

But anyway the other charas looks very like themselves. Look the Akane's dad and Ranma's dad are just like from the anime!

*BING-BONG!* I'm right!

But but now to the plot...uhmmm... They choosed only some charas to be in this movie and well I guess it was ok but I wanted to see Ryoga and P-chan! Dang! And nooooo! They weren't in this movie...welll he wouldn't be a good bad guy who was needed to this movie but but....why? OH WHY? they didn't taked Happosai or someone more rival like to be the bad guy but but.....the bad guy of this movie was someone....DRAGQWEEN?! And his...I mean her "army" was group oh dragqweens in black leather...suits...or such thingies. And they were like mouse. Allways when they get scared of something they squeeled like little animals and jumped around when they was going to escape....
And the best part? Okkay everyone make a vote what you guessed the evil hmmn dragqween's motion was?
 I will give you a little peak to the answer. It's about magic onsen water what Ranma wanted to get to be a normal boy.

1. Money from this onsen with business
2. Destroy the world with this onsen (I dunno how)
3. Turn everyone to be a boy (I dunno how)

And guess what. The riiiiiggghhhhh answer iiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssss *loooongdisturbingwaitinglikeinidolandsuchseries*
number 3!!!!!! Muhahahah! Nobody didn't knew it! muhahah! I get all your money! *knock knock* *Nabiki has her palm opened toward me waitingly* Oh...right... you are always on the side of money...Of course you would know...*pays jackpot to her and cries*
But still who the hell paid for this?! I mean who said: "yeah this sounds good! Don't put the most weirdest transformation guy from this serie to be the enemy who fell to the cursed onsen like Ranma did but turned to be half-jeti-snake-bull MONSTER. Rather we will be using what this high paid bullshit scriptwriter suggested: legion of over nine thousands of evil gaypeople!" Yep....And the script writer's idea was accepted???!!!
 Top of that I really was frightened that I will see Happosai in this movie and waited for it till to the end (I even thought that the onsen's human shaped fountain could turn to be Happosai! :'P)

What ever.... but in the end the movie was very well done to the little details about the characters and it was well understandable even if you haven't seen or read the earlier versions of the story. But! Yeah one but! Ranma series idea is descripe that the sex doesn't mean anything and all kind of persons are welcomed but....this generic "bad guy" somewhat brokened the idea of it.
Oh! What?
OH HELLL NO!!! So the generic gay bad guy really WAS evil after all! He/she had more evil plan after all!!!! Goood! Noooooo!!!!!!
*grash down and goes to hide*

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