Thursday, 7 July 2011

Anime full: 30 sai no hoken taiiku

Hayao is a 30-Year-old Salaryman who has yet to lose his virginity. Due to his lack of personal skills he is resigned to using a blow-up wife to release his sexual tension. Hayao is the subject of Daigorō and Macaron's mission. During a "lesson" of Daigorō's Hayao meets a woman, who seems to have got lost, she then disappears upon seeing Daigorō's "lesson." Later during class that Daigorō makes him go to in order to meet more women he meets the woman again, Natsu Andō, whom he instantly falls for.

Directed by Mankyū
Written by Ryō Akiyama
Studio Gathering
Network BS11 Digital, Tokyo MX
Original run April 7, 2011June 23, 2011
Episodes 12

This anime was very fun to watch and it did have very much humor in it. It can't be taken very seriously but that's not problem if you wanna see something crazily fun (althought the serie was also created for 30 years who doesn't know about things and so the serie is little bit dogument like) :D Yea i would categorize it in "crazy humor"- category for sure.

The story is about a typical man who doesn't know how to be or talk with a woman and so doesn't have got a girlfriend. Then in his house 'comes two god of sex's and they tries to help him. X'D Those gods looks very good..or atleast i think so ;p The older one is handsome and the younger one is veeery cute-su! :3 Aaaw i wanna hug him and feat him and... krhmm hehe back to work.. hmm where was i? Oh yea, so the mainchara man gets to know about women and meets very cute woman called Natsu. Hi falls in love and wants to be her boyfriend which he will be later after many times of trying :'P The woman also is virgin and has two God of sex's too by her side. So you can imagine how funny it's when two people who doesn't know what to do are wondering and trying to do as their gods are saying to have a partner.

The drawing and animating style is more consentrated to charas than backround but looks still very good and combines well with very heavy comedy feeling. Also charas' movements and thinking ways are very humorous but the best idea is to sensorise every "dirty" thing (also used humorously) etc. even when god of sex says virgin he says: "%//)&%¤%" and so we really doesn't hear the words. Althought the name the serie doesn't have any schene of sex in any way so it's not really even in ecchi level.

The anime is only 12 episodes long (or so it seems like) and the episodes are shorter that normal animes are. It's quite sad to see that the serie is finish when you felt like you are just starting. I really hope they will make another season for this.

I mostly recomment this for people who like to watch crazy comedy and little romance in it. The story is really creative and fun (i haven't seen this kind of story earlier)!

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