Friday, 17 May 2013

Lovely complex the movie

 Risa Koizumi and Atsushi Otani are two high school students who both have height complexes. Risa is a tall girl and Otani is a short guy. They have each confessed to someone before, but were rejected because of their height differences. In school, they are known as "All Hanshin Kyojin" because of their height differences and the fact that they are always bickering in a comedic way. They are both looking for love and they just might find it in someone they didn't think they would: each other.

Wut...What is this "english" introducion in the begining. Japanese people may think it's english but... well can't understand it well :''D Some kind of babbling. I actually tried to hear it many times to be sure is it even english!
Okay so if you look closely the actors doesn't even have much height difference. Actually the guy usually isn't standing straight! He is cheating!! See! (well okay this isn't the best pic but see the scene from the movie)
Girls: "Heeeee?! Cheating!"

One good thing is that the guy actor actually looks very much like how the chara in the anime and manga. Even the hair is dyed to look the same. When it leads me to think why then the girl's hair isn't dyed too? In anime and manga her hair is also orange but for some reason it's not in the movie :''D Even her hair is tied on puns and the way it appears in manga and anime... So is it big deal to dye it too?
But thanks for the one thing: the actors seems to be the high school aged and not just adult playing school girls like in American films :''D always look so wrong when the actor is clearly much much older than him/her should be. So point for the age!
When I saw main charas' friends I was like who the hell these people are and I needed to look back to the anime to be sure who they were. But believe me it wasn't the most frightening thing! Noo here is more! Her sister....TUM-TUM-TUUUUMMM! Sounds like a guy!

Girls:"Heeee?! Is she a boy!?"
Has she smoked her body to death or sumthing? :''D I tried to look very closely but in the end I'm not sure is the chara actor or actress... And the hell? What it this sisters idea in the movie? I don't even remember chara like this from the anime so I suppose she is created just for the movie. Was her idea to push the main chara to develop her love or whut.... I guess she was quite like a comic relief....
But the most comic relief chara was teacher who has-

WUT? No! You moron! Your only idea in this movie was to be the perv friend! And I was talking about teacher. I never was going to mention about you and your perv thoughts! So get lost!
Krhm.. back to the teacher... so! He  has a wig! And not a good wig, just stubid comedick *kehkeh*
What? No, no! I'm not talking about this the paradise looking teacher who is like a prince!

Just one other teacher...but anyways I should be talking about this teacher...more.....ihihiiihhiihhiii *fan girl mode turns on*
Weeheeehhehehehehehheheheheh hahaahahhhahaaah extacy wheeeeeeeee.... derp!

*trips to the floor and gets back to being normal* What happened to me? Oh well.. The movie was very like the name lovely complex, yeah quite a complex about the love even the plot moved too fast and without good reasons... erm... I mean yeah the scenes was from the anime but when they happened in the anime they were long distance from each others and it seemed more natural. But in the movie they just happened after of another. It was like crazy love's speed regulation has been turned to the south! And to the maxime speed!

Girl: "It's love! it's doesn't matter!"

........oh riiight....oh fuck this why I even cared about this..... -_- *goes off*

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