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Gokusen - drama series and movie

A passionate teacher, Kumiko Yamaguchi, a.k.a. Yankumi, is now overseeing the new students of Class 3D of Akado High School, who still have not opened up to her and are giving her a hard time. One day, the students of 3D get harassed by street hoodlums. Then, Reita, a leader figure of 3D, shows up and beats up the hoodlums. The next day, the guys beat up by Reita come storming into their school. Principal Sawatari berates the students for getting mixed up with a gang, and gives Kumiko an ultimatum: "You're fired the next time a 3D student gets into trouble!" Then Reita tells Kumiko that he doesn't want to owe her anything, and he takes off by himself to settle the score with the gang. Meanwhile, trouble was also brewing for the former 3D student who just graduated. The police are after Ren for being involved in an illegal drug transaction. Upset Kumiko tries to find him with the other former 3D students. However, they later find out from her grandfather, the head of the Oedo Family, the shocking identity of the mastermind pulling the strings of the drug deal Ren is being accused of. 

Gokusen is a manga series created by Kozueko Morimoto. The manga has adapted to anime and drama (series and movie). Was remade in Indonesia as Guruku Jagoan.

 Gokusen. Yeah, don't need to tell me. so guys what is the thing what comes to your mind first when you hear that name? Is it legion of hot guys? or jump-around teacher with corny speeches? Yep. Both!

I just don't know how to feel toward this. In the same time I like this serie and movie but in the other hand it feels impossible.... *watched whole serie and movie just to see the handsome guys* What! no! I didn't! I did like Gokusen's story too! I will let you hear it! .......................uhm....corny but lovely sweet world with no bad things *sparkle sparkle* and the hot guys! Uhmm..I mean...uh...

Take a look to this teacher!

See! Just one happy-go-around chara in the sparkle sparkle nice world. See she is already in the clouds! What this puppy looking teacher can do to make any hormone-crazy boys to be nice.
*saw the scene of the first surprise attack when she kicked bunch of tough guys and not even sweated one drop* HOLY! (o_0) MY GOSH! Did-di-did she just take her glasses off and untied her hair and turned to be a kick-ass fighter!
I wanna do that too! *takes (fake) glasses off, unties her hair. Gets hair on the face and falls down*
:< Hmph! Why it didn't work! Whatta super woman! She beated to pulb even terrorists in the movie's start! The actress is very beautiful by the way. *sparkle sparkle*

Okay okay of course this story has to have some twist in it and that's the idea of yakuza's 3th head daughter being regular teacher. Tun-tun-TUUUN! And of course she will be teaching whole class of little delinque bouys. Heheh real yakuza head teaching little fuckers. This woman can raise they to be new era of yakuza-harem for her! Way to go girl! Muhahahah! Huh?! She isn't? HUUUH? She is trying to make they be good people? Well okay okay she tries to hide her identy so that's understandable. WHAT? She even treats her yakuza gang like that too? Oh, you gotta kidding me.... This is quite twisted that whole yakuza is such a holy-nice-guys. Run a church not a yakuza! The woman's gang is just a big gang of comic reliefs! Very basic idea of comic relief in japanese way and being yakuza comic relief: fat-always-smiling-guy, gangsta-I-will-kill-you-and-I-get-angry-easily and life-is-hard-but-very-poetry-like.

And of course here has to be a cop who is the to-be-loved-one. But actually I think that this cop man was used quite less than I thought he would have potential in the series and movie. Quite sad. Well okay these series' idea was to think about invidual lives of the students and how they evolve from being little (good looking) fuckers. Do you see already how the seasons are created? Yep, every episode is about one student and when all the student's are turned around then "the boss level" is the last episodes where the class's boss student will be turned around too and will trust the teacher. Aaaaand that's it! The whole series and movie is basicly in those sentences. And I personally think that in the first season it's okay but why they made more? There's no point!

....Well okay I see your point... more handsome boys to teach (I would teach them maaany tricks) eheheh Oups! *krhm* back to the point! Well even I wasn't so interested when I watched the all seasons at once. It just wasn't enough to bring only new characters.

About interesting characters I need to bring up this actor who is acting vice principal! He is-!

Weeell...mad man! How the fuck the actor can make those creepy faces?! Oh my god I get goose pumps when I look him! Brrr....! I can imagine devil horns and snake tongue to him. And! he is in many series! Oh god! (0_0) *but that said I actually like him with him overacting silly faces*

Brrr...I can't keep this going on anymore I... just need to wipe that face from my mind! See u later! I'm out of here! *maybe later I can think about this series more and write about the manga and anime.*
But I need to say I liked this series even though it's filled with overflowing positive thinking and everything is sooo pink and wonderful things that you will get overloaded feeling of murdering yourself a.k.a quilty pleasure (even in otaku and japanese friendship is magic-standard).
See ya!

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