Monday, 25 July 2016

Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto anime

Sakamoto is not a normal high school student. He’s smart, he’s dashing, he’s popular with girls. Much to the dislike of the male population of his school, who tries every trick in the book to mess Sakamoto up. But in the end, Sakamoto comes out of every trap with style and makes himself look cooler. Does he do this for popularity? Is this just who he is? No one really knows, but haven’t you heard? He’s Sakamoto!

Meet the most fabulous man in the earth! Man reincarnation of Bayonetta! Seriously....he looks just like Bayonetta but man version. See!

Right?! Like two berries! They could make awesome couple with those characters of theirs! I can see it in my mind: Bayonetta goes to fancy restaurant to get fancy food and fancy drinks and enyous the moment. When Skamoto comes and gives more special service for her even before she even asked it.

Then there comes some gangsters to bully Bayonetta.

Bayonetta: Hmm? Interesting.
Then Bayonetta and Sakamoto beat the hell out of the punk.

They kick the punk to taxi and sends him off.

 Sakamoto: You are good!

Bayonetta: You too.

At that moment they fall in love and get married! And live happy life!
Errr.... what? Oh yeah this one isn't the story what I was meant to talk about. Well let's get back to Sakamoto.

Okay so Haven't you heard? I'm Sakamoto was anime that I started to watch as an random choice without knowing what I was gonna get. I read the info what told about super famous super human called Sakamoto who was everyone's wet daydream boy. Well at this point I was like "yeah yeah I have seen tons of these uber super duper famous oh so famous boys in regular school setting" eg. these ones:

But I was pleasantly surprised because this anime was meant to be parody of those kind of regular-super-humans and it really hit the bulls mark! I totally laughed my ass off! It was so damn hilarious to watch how he kinda manipulated everyone and made them act just like he wants but still always for good reason. One of the funniest things were that the awesomeness acts of him escalated so damn hilariously over board that you couldn't even guess what was going to happen next. And that's something that makes good twisted plots for stories! Eg. in one moment teacher was thinking that Sakamoto is smoking secretly with some punks but he really was just doing something else.

I'm not usually fan of short joke comedy animes but this one was total hit (maybe I have seen only poorly done ones...)! I watched all episodes in one day. I couldn't resist and this is rare that I like something that much that I can't think any bad about this anime than it was too short! I want more damn!

Even the animation quality, side characters and op/ ed songs are awesome! (I didn't skip op never when I watched this). I really recommend this to people who like to watch comedy, parody and story plots that you can't guess before you see it. Aaalso though I agree that too many anime and manga now a days are circling around only moe/yaoi/fanservice things this has some nice shots of Sakamoto. But like the plot info says this is parody about hot perfect man and that's why those shots fit in. And this happily has more purpose than just fanservice.
Here is some tasty snacks for ya!

So what did we learn about this? Sakamoto = YOU MUST WATCH IT!!!!

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