Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Ragnarök the anime

Ragnarök the anime

For first I need to say WUT! Okay okay I haven't read the manga much but the little I had I need to say the anime sucks hard! It doesn't even tell the same story and animation is crappy. Yeah I know nowadays the moneys are fading away from anime factory but  oh come on! The story is very generic "Here is magic land and some heroes: One brave but easy-going boy with sword and girl who is arrogant and the boy loves her....(Why the hell guys?)" Okay the ordinary setup can be good but this fales in many ways. I don't feel much toward the characters actually I feel like the ones whose are supposed to be the interesting ones and have more story in them are actually the boring and generic ones. I don't know why the animation studio has got the idea but actually the story tells more about sidecharacters like the little girl (stubborn little brat, okay she is tsundere so I need to say I like her :''D I dunno why? Okay I surrender I'm quite same.... :''D). Oh where was I?.... Oh yeah! More sympathy toward the little brat and her past but not so much things for the maincharacters. Why?? It's not logical. Also many charas in this story are one treats characters and some even doesn't have any explained motives *spoiler*like the minotaur-looking-creature and the witch. Why they wanted to help the maincharacters and stop the evil thing. (Well duh it's evil but still...)*spoiler*

Also like I said earlier looking the animation style and work on it lacks very much. Sometimes it has good times like expressions on charas but 99% of the time it's dull and poor. Well I have seen many doll and poorly animated animes but still those stories moves it well and keeps going. Unlike in Raknarök I have seen some scenes where isn't any idea more than saving time and money. Yeah here is lots of same past-scenes showed to kill you but this goes even further. I'm not lying here is scenes where everything is frozen but it isn't part of the story...or atleast very unlikely to be in good way. E.G scene where characters are sitting in the forest and one says something like "hey it's raining,right?" and others are frozen. Not even the faces look like they are thinking ar living the scene just frozens and if it would last 2 secs then ok, but not 5 minutes :''D And then the frozening goes away one wan answers like: "right you think so too."
 I'm not gettingh the idea also the scanes musics are fighting with the scene they are in. I mean when you are battling for your lives with the big evil guy you wouldn't put happy-go-round-and-chill music playing! How I'm going to take this seriously!
The scenes also melts with past-scenes and sometimes in the start I was very confused whitch was going on :''D Like you guys may know the story is from game and yeah it's the one thing what seems hard from the story. The story is scattered and there is very much eating=healing and worthless fighting=expa cathering. Also the level upping and mega-super-funny-generic-sounding attacks are involved and gomes when needed. They doesn't even tell when they learns something new it pops-out like it was expected to be in the start :''D

Yey!! Drinking game!
1. Ilga!
2. Monster!
3. Super attack-awsome-names

Ilga why! Why you doesn't answer anything! Girls fight over you and you say:

Your ex-friend tries to kill you and you say:

 Your comrider says she loves you and you say:

You are wounded almost to dead and you say:

Your friend are almost killed and you say:


Your comrider is planning to get married with you and you say:


 Your comrider is going to rape you when you are almost wounded to dead! And you say:
NOTHING! (oh, okay she is babe)

WHY ILGA WHY! >:''D Why you Ilga answer only to the smallest "are we going to get something to eat?" questions and everything that's more imprtant is not so important to you :''D Oh I get it you are the masked handsome-non-speaking-guy. But shi* this goes over riddiculousness.

And in the end half of the charas dies and I don't feel much pity toward them. Sad. Also last reminding is the crappy finnish subs... I know japanese and *brrr* the subs are sometimes wrong and horrible! Usually the little bit wrong translations are okay like words that doesn't have good translation in other languages but in this anime the swearing and bad-mouthing is hopping around like rabbit. I mean there is scenes when charas says something bad/swearing and the finnish sub doesn't translate it. "Okay I understand" I thought "I get it they are planning to this to be for children that's why the language is lame too". But then comes scene where the little girl is angry and frustrated and one woman says:"what's mattering with you?" and the girl screams with angry face: "Shut up! It's not your business" and the translation says:"No, I'm okay." Doesn't seem so!

For the end I felt fustrated I wanted to like this 'cause there was nice scenes but it doesn't get the Oh! I want to watch it over again. I guess I will just bury it deep to my house.....

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