Thursday, 19 May 2011

Anime: Koisento

So like i told i will rate animes, mangas and games. Here is the first anime. It's called Koisento

The story takes place in Nara city in 2710. Shin'ichi visits there on a school excursion and a white deer suddenly takes his bag away. He chases the deer and meets a mysterious girl called Toto, who is running away from a gang of chasers.

Yea...sounds like a "hyper/crazy-category" anime :'D But let's see.
Yes it's crazy-category anime but also has sad things in it. From first episode it seems quite normal anime not much unique things though some weird things like clown looking comic-relief charas with little bad granny :'D And here's lot of crazy deers and whole worls is Japan ears later where everything almost is little bit more cyber than these days.

One thing that comes to eye at first notice is that the whole anime is done with computer not drewn with hand, that's bad and good thing. Some way the liveliness doesn't come through but on the other hand it brings something new in the movement. Colours are used cretively and the whole anime is quite colourful. the world of this anime and style brings my mind movie called Paprika. Main chara is normal boy and robot girl who fall in love when they meat first time...yea how many animes and mangas i can list from these words..hundreds. Top of that the girl is as almost always happy-go-lucky chara and the boy is mister i don't understand anything but always someone likes me and takes care of me and i don't even ask what is happening :''D

Koisento is good to watch when you don't have much criterias and when you want lazy crazines. But i don't believe this will be my ultimate favorite but i guess i will watch some episodes more when they will come. At least i think the story is quite ok and has some unique stuff like crazy deer but one thing that lowers my will to watch this is the some-what lazy using of computer style in characters. So the backround is more better done than the charas are and that's some way sad.

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